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How is your replay saved?

Online — I use a website

My replay is saved by online service, from LolKing, OPGG, or Replaygg.

Replay File — I have a replay file

My replay is in LOLReplay, League LSI, BaronReplay, SkinReplay, or AOF.

Video — I have a recorded video that is 1080p and 30 FPS or better

My video file has been uploaded to WeTransfer,, Twitch, or and I will provide a download link.

Replay service status

BaronReplays ✓ OK Our preferred method and works as of 6.16
SkinSpotlights ✓ OK Works as of 6.16
LolKing ✓ OK Works as of 6.16
Replay GG ✓ OK Works as of 6.16
OP GG ✓ OK Works as of 6.16
AOF.GG ✓ OK Works as of 6.16
LolReplay ✗ BROKEN Hasn't been getting updated we recommend BaronReplays
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